The Joys of Kerning

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The Joys of Kerning

People of Fontos,
Can anyone recommend a good utility/ fine bit of software for extensive kerning. Currently I’m using notepad! I’m working on a font that has waaaaaaaay to many kerning pairs and I want to largely reduce that number.
Fontlab is good for this. However I still want absolute control over which pairs stay and which go. — Some how it chooses an internal list and ditches most of the a-z pairs and keeps the brackets and hyphens. Not what I need. :-(
So far, the best thing I’ve found is to edit the metrics by hand in notepad. But there has gotta be something easier/better than this. Or
is there?

Incidentally If anyone can point out any kerning lists, either with words — like gym, wyvern — things like that, or kerning pairs — like then I will be very grateful. Thank you.

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I think the download is useful if you are intending to do this. Don’t know much about notepad. Basically, I just use technically good fonts for text work (and rely on their kerning pairs) but manually kern the crap out of display.


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