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Geometric Calligraphy



Was about to say "custom made as it's only circles and strokes with a translation applied" when I found Pompeii Caps and Oak Wood which digits look to match... But can't state about their legitimacy...

Oak Wood has an earlier internal font date and its numbers are in same style as its alphabet. Pompeii Caps has a different style alphabet and, when adjusted to same scale as Oak Wood [i.e. reduced 91.892%], its numbers and other non alphabet characters are a point for point match with Oak Wood. I suggest Oak Wood is probably an original work -- I have not seen it elsewhere -- and Pompeii Caps is a copy, except for the uppercase letters A to Z.

Info on the author of Oak Wood as of 2008 from http://www.fontage.com/foundry/jpearson.html
"I am the original author and creator of these fonts. From 1991 to around 1994, I made these typefaces as a labor of love... a little money here and there from the (then, before the internet made a big splash on the world) shareware world."
"Today, I've updated these typefaces to show my web and email addresses. I've not changed anything about the designs - errors and foibles still present :-). My typefaces are interesting, unique, and original... perhaps not Foundry material (doesn't bother me)... just good clean font fun for the family!"
Link to his website now redirects to a singer.

I believe I have found the origin of the letters, numbers etc. in Jim Pearson's OakWood. Check out the lettering for "round hand" in pages 43 to 78 of
_The Calligraphy Workbook: How to Master Broad Pen Script_
by George Thomson, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York 1985 ISBN 0-8069-7262-9. First published in 1985 in the U.K. by Thorsons Publishing; ISBN-10: 0722511868
ISBN-13: 978-0722511862
Purchase, in U.S.A., url for other countries will vary: http://www.amazon.com/The-Calligraphy-Workbook-Master-Script/dp/0722511868 or e-Bay. Library LOC Z43.T478 1985 Dewey 745.6' 1977--dc20.