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Archive through March 26, 2003

Stormtype Biblon Italic?


Biblon Italic

Fabio, how about a little hint? For example, can the font be found on MyFonts? That at least narrows the field a little.

Cross-post! OK, Fabio, you can ignore the request I just made. Thanks for the hint.

I just search Franko Luin’s entire catalog much to the
chagrin of my employer and to no avail!

And I searched the Fountain catalogue, to similar ends. I thought that might have been why we haven’t heard anything from Peter in the last couple of days…

It’s not one of Olsson’s either.

Cheshire, you passed far ;D
Stephen, you arrived well close!

doves italic z? it’s close, but… any hints in the near future?

it could be ludovico italic z, but i can’t see the entire glyph. blast.

Looks like one of Lars Bergquist’s italic z’s but I can’t seem to find the right one.

Lower case z by Doves Pro italic by Torbj

Curse this slow computer! CURSE IT!

no strike that — it’s not Doves!

This one is driving me crazy. I’ve gone through all of Lars known faces, I’ve searched through dozens of specimen books. The thought of this z consumed my
whole weekend. Ahhrg!!

we need more hints asseblief. or i just need more leads from other people.
waht a hyena i am.

I know Stephen already looked — but could it be Frank Luin’s Humana? uc Z?

or MiramarItalic?

I don’t think so. The terminal doesn’t curl in enough and the transition doesn’t have enough contrast.

The terminal here curls too much. Plus the connection to the diagonal stem is a straight one in the quiz sample, not notched like Miramar.

A tip to close: Is one
Swedish foundrie! But, no
Omnibus or Olson Fonts…
This foundrie launched
only one type !

Good LOOK ;D


Nathan Matteson, you
this absolutely CERTAIN!


Thanks Fabio. I’m in a meeting right now — shouldn’t be on Typophile ;-) — but I’ll post an ID in a little bit.

Yeehhaa!! Congratulations F

Thanks Peter!
My contribuition:

Good look;D

does anyone even know where to start looking?

First I tried looking at chanceries, but they yielded nothing. I was hoping PsyOps would show something, but I didn’t find anything there either. I’m kind of stumped. Maybe we’ll receive a good hint.

Bottom of the lowercase z from Comenius Italic?

Sorry Nathan, this is
not part of Comenius!

Hint? Ok!
This type was launched
by one “Nordic” foundrie!