Martin Denny Exotica "E" identification


I've had a hard time identifying this "E"
The most information that I can find about the album cover is that the photo is by Garrett-Howard.
I have an example of the E without the ornamentation for a cleaner reference.


LP Released in 1958. The ornamented E is in an 19th century style, originated by Joseph Gillé circa 1820, in which the bottom half is ornamented and the top plain. This is usually done with the bottom half in a "Tuscan" style, i.e. with the bottom terminal split into two or three flaring lobes. Lots of digital versions in that style. See for example the Font Mesa offerings. Unfortunately, I do not recall offhand a digital version of this precise design.
There may have been a photolettering era font, or this might have been created from an old image of the letter.

As for the base E, it's a hybrid of 19th century condensed Clarendon and condensed Egyptian [then aka Antique].