Tattoo lettering serif and detailed



Duplicate and probably already answered...

None of those fonts are the right one, but thanks.

[I posted this comment almost 3 years ago, but it's still true.]
Every tattoo is done by hand, and therefore is unique, which is the beauty of tattoos.
Now for the grumpy pedantic part: The way I understand the meaning of "font," it's a set of letters created for mechanical, optical, or digital reproduction. The lettering in a tattoo can be a hand-drawn copy of a font, but it won't be a font until they invent a tattoo robot.

Sorry zunelle but, even if I can't agree more with Victor, you should reconsider your point of view for this one. I'm 100% positive. The base font is definitely Burgues Script. Have a look to the glyph palette if you need more flourish letters. And for the rest, it has been modified and adapted to look more "tattoo": letters have been outlined and some flourishes reworked to look more "pointy"