(x) negative sans serif text - News Gothic {Chesh}

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Please help! !

Trade Gothic, no. Univers, no. Franklin Gothic..no.
(watch the d's and the g's) Anyone?!

Thanks!san serif

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Looks like News Gothic, that dapper guy. I love that typeface.

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It does indeed look like News Gothic. If you're trying to match this sample exactly, however, beware that versions from different foundries may not all be quite the same.

Compare for yourself:

News Gothic Linotype

News Gothic Adobe

News Gothic Agfa Monotype
Agfa Monotype

News Gothic Bitstream

News Gothic URW

Adobe's and Monotype's are probably interchangeable. Linotype's has basically the same letterforms, but is fitted differently. Bitstream's is a little more open in the counters and seems closest to Benton's original design to my eye. URW's is clearly different on the body.

I tend to prefer the Bitstream, but that's probably because I first fell in love with News Gothic through Pentagram's use of it in Potlatch materials and this is the version they use.

-- K.

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For completion's sake, there's also this: Heidelberg Gothic, which is a variant of News Gothic that Linotype's parent company, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, uses as a corporate face. Not shown here, and a dead giveaway is the Heidelberg Gothic lowercase l, which has a small hook at the bottom.
Heidelberg Gothic

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Wow, I was gone all day today and came back to check my emails and you guys figured it out for me! Thanks!!
I have used News Gothic before but didn't think that could be it, but thanks to everyone's input! Very cool!


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Thanks for that, Kent.

I like that Pentagram stuff too, if only because they seem to
get away with massive body type and leading.

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