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Damn it..why didn’t think of that ;)


eye of the tiger

Sorry, no. But geographically you’re warm.

Not during the winter months — I’d much rather be here in California.

T-26’s Baker Script? The style looks the same, but I can’t actually find the character. I keep thinking it’s an E, but I’m really not sure.

it’s not bacchus is it? thought i’d ask, just in case.

peacelove by elemeno?

It could be an H too.
Something from the Type Quarry? (Is Maine close to Minneapolis?) I ‘ve looked through their scriptfaces though.

Not Baker or Bacchus or Peacelove. Geographically hot. Let me know if you want another hint. I’ll be online for another hour or so.

Maine’s far from Minneapolis. And far from this quiz ;-)

regallo aplaya, {t26}.
am i getting closer?

Erm, let’s say “right city, wrong foundry.”

Mint by Jay David?

Guys, I’m leavin’ the office to go to my hypertext-free apartment. I’ll be back tomorrow morning, so I’m sorry if I keep you waiting in the meantime.


Hmm. I guess it’s time for another hint. If anyone still has any interest ;-)

The foundry’s Midwest, but the font heads North

Canadian photographer…from Garage fonts….
in Maryland?

Isn’t Canadian Photographer from 2 Rebels?
Didn’t you say it’s a Chicago foundry, Nathan? But not T-26. And there’s no similar font at Thirstype either.

Canadian Photographer was indeed available from
Garage Fonts, but it’s no longer for sale for reasons
I’m told will be explained by Rodney Fehsenfeld (the
designer) someday soon.

Yeah, it’s not T-26 or thirstype. It’s small. I’m trying to think of another good hint….

oops. Canadian photographer was not a script,
actually kinda Bodoni on crack.

I was thinking of the Fehsenfeld face that *was* a script
that was pulled because the creator of Bellevue (sp.) objected.
There was an interview with him online
but I don’t see it anymore. is a small
chicago foundry.

I didn’t see any scripts there.


>kinda Bodoni on crack.

That’s good. Never knew of the existence of Simpletype…I’ll have to look at their site soon.

I’m trying to come up with a hint that won’t (1) entirely give this away or (2) turn it entirely into a 6 degrees type thing. I’ll post one before I leave tonight.

OK, here’s my hint. Hopefully this is all it takes — and my apologies for being so obtuse. Unfortunately, I think this is going to sound like a wild goose chase.

There’s a band from Atlanta, Georgia called Hal al Shedad. If you find their last recording, the record label it’s on should point you toward the right foundry. So we’ve now gone from the Midwest, up North, and now we’re in the deep South. Stupid, eh.

bj — The font you’re thinking of is called Canadian Photographer Script

Nope. But now I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day.

Also, I’m a lazy bollocks and failed to check the site of this foundry, which has changed since I was there last. So…here’s a different image from the same font. You’ll see why this is necessary when you find it. If someone happens by this post, could you delete my previous one to avoid confusion. And to make me look less like an idiot :-)

Thanks and all.

Also “no” to Mint.

If someone happens by this post, could you delete my previous one to avoid confusion.


“shapin’ up…’s the eye of the…”
Nathan you have to give some hint..there’s about 2000 distressed faces out there.

Hmm…a distressed face belonging to a foundry whose site has recently changed…that must narrow it down a little…

Yeah, I figured a distressed font would mandate a hint. Soooo…let’s start with this: think Midwestern US.