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Someone showed me this earlier today. It made me laugh, but at the same time, it reminded me of something that I seriously can't stand. (Which says a lot about me.) Anyone else have little things that make them go "ARGH!"?

 Dilbert and Monitors

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Is that some sort of confession, Tiffany?

I'd let people sit on my screen, but they'd have to buy me a snazzy new flat one afterwards.

I can't stand people opening my books too much and damaging the spine. I have a guillotine out back for those bastards.


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you're right! Those books-vandals have no respect for anything living under the earth.
And mostly no fine-motorics, dropping books whenever they can.


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Not to mention those bookbinders binding 6000 books an hour for eternity
- provided you NEVER open one of them or take a sharp look on it.

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But can you even consider a book to be bound if all of the pages fall out as soon as you pick it up?

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Ok, let me work it out and put it the right way:
"binding 6000 books an hour" - after the hour: binding gone.

But it's worse:
I worked for months in a bindery -
good and even expensive books bound by hotmelt, they will break if you use them.
Catalogs for fairs and business expositions were bound using PUR.
undestroyable, flexible spine - you could train your bizeps opening the book
over and over (we did!), it won't suffer.

Bad world: good books falling to ashes like mummies
and dumb catalogs, worth only for days, lasting forever.
And this because some cents, I would certainly add for a good book.


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my pet peeve is when i forget i put a banana in my knapsack and there are books in there : (

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The poor banana! Throw some vanilla icecream in on top and give it a good shake.


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I think whats really being overlooked is people with absolutely no visual aesthetics trying to tell you how to design stuff. AARGH!

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Which end? Fondling from behind is fine.


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Yes Ben, that's exactly what I thought when I read the cartoon! "Don't you think you should center align all that?" or "It doesn't even look like we _have_ PhotoShop." I second your AARGH!


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Bumper sticker: You toucha my monitor, I breaka u face.

Tiffany, I share your pet peeve. It's like some people and coasters.

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[ Double post deleted. ]

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I break spines and fondle monitors.

-Anonymous Bastard

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