(x) San Francisco Ballet - Smith Upright {Stephen}

Hey since you guys are so great at this, I’m throwing
this one out there and see if one of you can identify
this font. This handbilled font has some real nice
historial style to it. (ie: the decended numbers and
small caps.) Thanks in advance!



I believe it to be Smith Upright from Vintage Type.

Thanks Stephen! That’s definately it! How did you know?? You’re the best and thanks for helping me out!

I know because I don’t go out.
Glad I could help.

LOL! I just went on the site and purchased that font! thanks! I know this is a public posting, but are you a type designer Stephen? Just curious —


Nope. I’ve seen too many fonts. I’m overwhelmed by fontage.
Can’t make anything new now.

Glad you bought it. You should tell them I sent you so I can
start earning my due commission.

hehehe! but of course! ;)