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thanks stephen.

Nathan, the only thing I can think of
is that this is from Adam Roe (Solace or
Article 10)…but Adam was based in Los Angeles
and he moved to New York, I think.

His site is large/i’m on dialup today so I can’t confirm
where he’s at.

confounded : nice work



well, Adam’s current site lists New York..

maybe he was in Chicago a long time ago?

Hal al Shedad had a release on Lunchbox.

mistrial or mis-trail. :-)

But of course — an old favorite, Caslon 540 Italic.

oh, yeah. :-)
your turn, ches.

OK, have at it:


Yeah, how close would you say, BJ?

Nice job. Your turn!

Very few designers actually
use this font, but most
illustrators have it on disc.


ITC Eras

your turn, Adriano. :-)

Alright, here goes:

What is it?

Red Rooster Gargoyle Bold — someday I have to get a license for that family.

Adam Roe’s are nice, and Solace and Article 10 are quite close, but not yet it. To be honest, I don’t even know the name of this font’s designer — but it’s not Roe.

Lunchbox isn’t it either ;-)

I got it for free when I became a member of Veer.

That’s how I knew it, too — but I only got the Medium weight. You got the whole family?

Here you go:

Oh, and for extra credit: name the band that used this typeface as a logo.

Glaser Stencil
Have to think about the band :-)

I give up on the band. I think I recall seeing this on some album cover, but can’t remember the name of the artist. Google isn’t helping either ;-)

I only have Gargoyle RR Bold OSF… maybe when I get a job I’ll buy the whole family.

Well, you got the id, so the challenge is yours. As for the band, I’ll say only “Vegemite.”

Heh, heh. Men at Work.

Men at Work indeed. How I miss them some days.

Gah! I knew it!

This one shouldn’t be very hard…

I’m gonna be heading back to my Luddite hovel, sans web, in a few minutes. I once again apologize for any inconvenience. If you find the Hal al Shedad, you should listen to the mp3s. Darn good band. If you run across an mp3 for “Riding with Angels,” let me know…


Guys, this is the last day I’m going to be online for about a week or so…so here’s my last hint. Not so much a hint really.

You can get to this foundry if you go here.

safety orange type foundry,
due north typeface.

Due North from Safety Orange Typefaces, huh? Wowee, that was obscure.

Note if you check it out for yourself — no online preview — link goes straight to Mac TT download.

I got Ominized! OK, Eduardo, perhaps you can give us something a tad less obscure.

Eduardo wins!

>no online preview — link goes straight to Mac TT download

That’s why I had to change my image to the “E.” There’s a preview in the upper window when you mouse-over, but that’s the only capital you see.

Take it away…

sure, cheshire. so here it is,
a more “classical” sample: