(x) "wall paper" from Quicksilver.com - Neulin {anon}

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im lookin for this font to buy but can't seem to find it anywhere ...

"Whatthefont" came up with a few good suggestions but none of them was the right one.

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lame meaning you rock, so why be mr. mysterioso?
i don't speak for coles, by the way.

gasp! could you be dc himself? in our very midst!
reveal yourself, famous one.

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David Carson. Ray Gun. The End of Print Collection. Miles Newlin. Newlin? Neulin!

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Mr. Anonymous is knowledgeable, but lame.

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Define lame, Mr. Coles :-)

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Nope. You'd be VERY disappointed BTW. I'm just trying to help out where I think it's needed.

> And what's with all the hints, Anonymous?

The Type ID Pop Quiz made this forum much more playful. I'm trying to oblige.

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I can't get to the site to see the sample. Henrik, could you find the gif and actually post it in the forum? Thanks. And what's with all the hints, Anonymous?

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