FormloSerif / formloSans

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formloSerif / formloSans

ive created these, to exchange my mobile
phone operator logo with my own logotype...
please, let me know what you think...


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very slick, like it. my fave is the sans.

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I just finished work on the formlos PxlSerif and formlos PxlSans types.. They will soon be available for Sale at formlos, Type Foundry.. Be sure to take a look at them, at.:,

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thank you...
yes, i also think that it may work better for
navigation / headlines than for body text...
hopefully, people are still interested in those
kind of fonts...

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Congratulations with your release!

To my knowledge, this is the very first font in
these forums that has gone from critique to
actual market. (If there are others, they haven't
let us know.)

I like this, however it performs much better
in limited quantities (e.g. for navigation or
headers) versus the way you show it on your
site as body text.

You may have success including a
sample on your site at 2x or even 3x scale. I
know Matthew Bardram has had success with
his bitmap fonts selling as display faces for

Good luck with it.

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