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(x) Martha Stewart Baby - Little Days {Tiff, Stephen}

hello- anyone who can shed some light- i’m looking for the name of the font used by MSBaby magazine.

please email me if you have ideas!!!


kimper — this looks proprietary (*guessing*),
but Noodle Script (Dave Bastian)
and League Night (House Industries)
have the same flavor, but a little
more weight.

Maybe Dinctype might have something similar.

Guess Stephen isn’t seeing this, but here is here you can find it.


This is a pretty remarkable story, actually. I was going
to post something about it at Typographica one of
these days. This is a freebie from West Wind Fonts.
Rare to see a publication with a massive design budget
like Martha’s go to the freeware bucket. I think it says a
lot about the improving quality of free/shareware stuff.

Little Days.

Aww, Tiff preempted me!


Isn’t Stephen a continuous and efficacious fount of knowledge? :-) I probably just used that word incorrectly.

YES. :-)