Numerica Sans

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Numerica was inspired by Herbert Bayer, , Paul Renner, and JanTschichold and the Bauhaus deconstruction-simplification movement. I thought ..what if these designers had been doing type in the 1960's and not 1920's. Add to that the element of numerical forms. And I would guess you would end up with Numerica.
I used this for Design Alchemy collateral until Dec. 2001.

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Numerical influence aside, i really like some of the forms. the second s is really great. It seems like most type designs play with the veneer of letterforms, but don't challenge the basic form. i don't typically care for faces that use numerical elements to mimic letters, it's a trick that's been done before, but i think that you have taken it one step further here. there are a few really unique shapes. i also dig the f and the second a.


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Thanks Christian. I would like to do more work on this design but have parked it for now so I can work on Unicratica. Numerica served as the logo face for Design Alchemy for a couple of years but I have since changed it.

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