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hey, this is my first shot at this. I really wanna know what I am doing right, or wrong...
Its just the lowercase for now, but Im gonna work on the uppercase as soon as I get feedback....
so here's your chance
The blindfold is on, and Im tied to the stake

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I'd just like to comment on the "g". Although I love the open-bottom binocular version (like your second one), I think there's some interesting potential in the first one: I haven't seen many examples like that where the tail loops counter-clockwise. But I'd make it a smooth curve that ends when it touches the left side of the loop.


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Hi chris

yes there is some beauty inside. But stil need a lot of work.
The 'a': I would prefere the second, the roman, version. Maybe you could try a smaller bowl
The 'c': I always prefer the open characters. Do the same for 'e'
The 'f': like the nice upstem, but the bar isnt at the x-height (also for the 't')
The 'k': hmmm... both dont fit in the font. The first is to straight and second to free...
the 'w': dont use the rotated 'm' its ugly
the stems of v, w, x, y seems to be much bolder
then the other stems

so long :-)

Greetings Jens

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(sorry, post it twice...)

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Chris -- if anything I would say Cognac needs to be softened just a bit. The corners all seem too sharp. Maybe I'm seeing the "humanist" in it wanting to come out a bit more??

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This is great, thanks a lot guys...keep em going...
Hrant, as for the curving g, thank you....Im presently putting your suggestions to work and will post it here, shortly

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The 'm' and 'n' too.

Do tell, Chris.


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This looks like it has some uncial flavorings as well. I'm
talking about the flared terminals throughout and the
a, c, e, y and w in particular.

Maybe you could talk about your inspiration, or where you
hope to take this.

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