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This is the first time that i attempted to do a typeface,and i may say this site is the major responsible to put my hands on work. So i just wanna say tanxs to everyone who participates in here and continue with the good job in the maintenance of this wonderfull place.

As a begginer, i have many doubts in how to do a typeface, and i know i still have many work to do on this font, i start it about a month and now i really would like to hear some opinions and some answers to technical problems that i have, to continue and improve my work.
I haven't done the capitals neither the numberals, since there are some points that i need some help.

So comments are very welcome.

Since now tanxs to all


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This is beyond likeable, IMO, will you make other weights? Ultra Thin & Mega Ultra Phat! Love the little nuances! Extremely enjoy the 'e' and 't', but can't pick any favorites. if anything, your 'g' is too straight faced for the rest of them.


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Hello Luis and congratulations for the type face, good starting. I also want to make some suggestings and questions. The l/c x have different expessures, which is visible if you use as a display font, but is looking great with small sizes. I prefere to see that kind of forms a relation betten then which create a better uniformity for all letters, for exemple ( use the letter (o) to create the bowl of the (g), (b), (d), (p), (q), or using the letter (n) to give the aperture and struture for the (y),(u).

1 > Did you use any over-shoot (baseline overshoot, x-height overshoot ) to differentiate the limits of the round parts?

2 > How you make the relation betten letters when use the round terminal ( b, e, q).

Its very interesting your type face and I want to see how your serene grow up during the time.
Boa aparição Luis e força com esta tua bonita tipografia / Comprimentos.

Ricardo Santos

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If this is your first effort, I think you have great instincts - make sure they survive your upcoming "formal" learning effort.

I'd go further than Stephen and say that I think there are actually too many good ideas here! They're fighting for attention, and I think more discipline would create more functionality. So I'd spread out the good ideas over multiple fonts*, instead of maybe trying to make one "ultimate" font (which never works). For example, your "e" has a nice organic feel, and the stem on your "o" is amazing, but together they're maybe too much of a good thing. And then there are some glyphs which are a bit *too* plain, like the "x" I think has a lot more potential.

* Maybe a set of fonts that work together?


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Very good! Luis. I like it!
Try the rest of the font now!
Soon I'll send to!


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Although I understand both points made by Hrant and David, well I have to say that I enjoy the similarity but not the identical to the nth degree nature of this type. Knowing Hrant's love near fetish [ ;-) ] with Rotis I think I know what he's saying and that would be interesting, I'm not necessarily disagreeing here. IMO some display type gets boring when all of the characters are too identical in nature. Make sense?

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> how i can mantain the overture in the b/e/q when i use lower sizes

Make multiple versions, or an optical axis using MM.


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Hi everyone, i just would like to say txs to everyone who have comment my work, i've only upload now the caps, cos i really don't have time to dedicate to my font, cos i've been so full of work at the office, that's been impossible to me to evolve with the font, (desculpa Ricardo ainda não ter te mandado nenhum email), But here it is and i'm longing to hear some opinions, and to continue improving my work.

Since now tanks to everyone


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It looks good. I think the uppercase "M" looks a bit off though... sort of mirrored?

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Wow. It's very fresh but seems somehow very
familiar--a good thing for a typeface, I think. I
agree with Tiffany on all points. The expressive
elements in the e, f (and that t!) are great but
don't come through in the g.

I'm glad these forums help people like yourself
muster the courage to step up. I'm always
delighted to see the work of 'first timers.'

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I agree with Hrant. I think you have (at least) two really good fonts here.

"b", "e", "f", "k", "m", "n", "o", "q", and "t" all have a similar feel, taking the more innovative road, while

"d", "g", "h", "p", "u", "v", "w", "x", and "z" all fit together in the more conservative path.

The remaining characters ("a", "c", "i", "j", "l", "r", "s", and "y") could adequately fit with either of the other two sets as they are, or they could be pushed even closer to conformity to either set with slight modifications.

I'd love to see a new "x" designed to echo the design of the "k", for example. And inverting the existing "n" could be an interesting approach to the "u", especially with how that would position the "u"'s tail. A similar treatment could be adapted to the "d", "g", "p" and "y".

I'm excited to see what you do with this font.


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First, i would like to say many txs to u people; Stephen, Tiffany, Joe,

Ricardo, Hrant, David,Nuno for the good advices and the words of

encouregement that give it to me, i've read all your messages carefully,

and take my appointments, like in the case of x/y/g/u that i need to

reformulate. And my question is how i can mantain the overture in the b/e/q

when i use lower sizes ????, cos the overture disappears.

So i'll redo my work, and emend some questions that i need to. Very soon

i'll post some swf, for a closer inspection.

One more time txs guys.

See u soon


P.s: Ricardo dado que és o unico portugues (aparentemente), gostaria, se

fosse possivel, trocar algumas opiniões contigo mais aprofundadamente, dado

que eu ainda não tenho grandes conhecimentos de Fontographer.
Apesar de ser um "fanatico" de tipografia, de facto nunca tentei meter mãos

à obra e começar alguma coisa realmente minha e gostaria de saber se posso

contar com a tua ajuda, (em portugues). Um abraço

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i think you´d better straight the form of the "w" so u can get awsome results , to appear to be a good pair of great asses , and u should put thicker line between the 0´s to be something like a dick!
keep going , man
i i´m already use in my work daily

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Congratulations Luis! It's a very interesting work. I enjoyed a lot "f" & "t", although I think you have to review some of these characters again, like "s".
Why did you leave open some characters, for example, "b", "e" & "q" where "a", "d", "g", "o" & "p" are closed?
I hope you find my opinion useful in your work.
I'm looking foward to see "serena family" in the future.

Good work!



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about the style of the font i agree more or less with every body. so I won't repeat arguments.
maybe the 'm' could be a litle condensed it seems too large.

on the contrary the 's, v, x, z' seem too condensed than the rest of the font. and usualy the 'o' is a litle bit larger than the 'n' but is not a rule.

good work

se nao me fiz explicar de algum modo, nao esites em avisar.

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Some good ideas here, but the x and z seem a bit
narrow and I'm not sure about the stem on the 'o'.


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