Which font to use for on-screen anti-aliased 10-12pt use?

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Which font to use for on-screen anti-aliased 10-12pt use?

looking for suggestions on what fonts (sans-serif) to use for on-screen anti-aliased use at small type sizes (10-12pts).

any ideas?

I know aliased faces such as from miniml or silkscreen, mini 7, sevenet would all be much more readable, but I really need to find an anti-aliased font to use at those small sizes as well…. are there any that have been designed for on screen use?

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Set VAG Rounded Light in Fireworks’ “crisp anti-alias”. It reads pretty well.

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Many faces work at that size on screen, provided
you lean toward the bold/medium/demi/heavy side.
Avoid stuff with lots of fine details or counters that
tend to fill in. Thus Meta and Univers work well.
Even Caflisch Script holds up nicely.

Curious: do you need anti-aliased fonts because
they need to work in Flash? (There are
Flash-ready bitmaps out there… fyi.)

If it’s for PhotoShop, recent versions have
multiple settings for anti-aliasing—very handy
when it comes to maximizing readability.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Yup. This is for Flash use, but it’s not because it’s a workaround. (I know there are fonts designed to stay aliased in flash).

A few of my explorations have turned up the following fonts that render very well:

Linotype Fruitger NEXT
Linotype Univers
FF Balance
FF Kievit

I also want to test out Linotype Compatil, but I currently don’t have a copy. Anyone with experience in using this font for screen?

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I used to use Poppl-Laudatio for many years, and I still like it (not least because you can also use it large on the same “page”, since it has a lot of visual interest), but then to my pleasant surprise I found that Rotis (specifically the Sans Ultra Bold) is simply *amazing* at the tiniest sizes!

Here’s how: http://www.themicrofoundry.com/other/rotis_12.gif


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