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It’s pretty Perpetua-esque with a hint of Centaur, but not quite. I guess I’m just too tired (yawn).

No, it’s not Gill Facia. I wouldn’t describe that Monotype monstrosity as ‘Eric Gill’s Facia’: it’s a typeface to which Gill’s name has been added, but which he did not design and would likely have detested.

John. DIdn’t see you there. You’re right though. Now that I found it (spelled it incorrectly), I know how wrong it would be. It certainly isn’t a face for books, that’s for sure. Colin Banks based his design on a facia that Gill did for a bookseller in Paris. I believe it was WHSmith, but can’t remember exactly. Oh Well.

Was it Colin Banks? I had it in mind that Robin Nichols was involved in some way.


“Gill Facia

It has something of a Granjon…

This is getting SO frustrating. There’s this very familiar air to this face, and yet… The FontBook nor Rookledge’s International Typefinder were of much help. It’s no Dutch Type Library, Font Bureau, Inc. nor Ensched

Font Bureau’s Garamond could be a beautiful replacement. No?

Closest match I’ve seen till now (I should check Font Bureau fonts on, not on their own site where the samples are somewhat meagre). Good show, Tiff!

I miss the Perpetua-style lc “y” and the UC “C” with top serif only, though.

Don’tcha think it’s a Eric Gill design? There’s a lot of earmarks pointing that way.

Nah, I’m full a’ crap. The lc ‘a’ nor ‘r’ don’t fit the Gill rationale, methinks.

It is similar. That ‘y’ is a gill-like ‘y’ too. It’s kinda Perpetua, kinda Aries. But the lowercase ‘a’ isn’t castrated like his, nor is the ‘r’ blunt-ended.

Any have a sample of Eric Gill’s Fascia?