(x) FENCE - Alpha Headline {Eduardo Omine}

fence example



Maybe foundry gridnik.

“Aw no, now I’m embarassed… (blush)”

hahaha we all have our days Yves :D

There goes my reputation: down the drain… :-(

Alpha Headline by Lineto.
Currently not available.


karl — do us a small favor: email Lineto and ask them
why it’s unavailable.

I emailed lineto.
Here’s what they wrote back:

dear karl frankowski,

thank you for your recent inquiry at lineto.com, and for your interest in
the ‘alpha headline’ font.

‘alpha headline’ was designed by cornel windlin in 1993, and was first
released on the lineto site at its start in 1999, where it has been one of
the most popular fonts. it has been taken off our library very recently
because it is being developed into a family of four fonts, including a
newly-designed full lower case sets, for the exclusive use of one client.
the licensing agreement prevents us from selling the fonts for the next 10

we will be removing the type specimen from the site at our next site update,
when we will present a number of exciting new typefaces from various lineto
designers. please let me know if you would like to be notified once the
update is online.


So for the next 10 years, I guess we’ll have to use carplates.

Does anybody know if there’s a font available with the characters of the German license plates? It’s a really funky face.

Aw no, now I’m embarassed… (blush)

THX Peter

Strange that in FENCE, the C really don’t fit at all with others letters? too small, too light, etc.