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Still no guesses? Let me know if you need any more clues.


I think a hint on where to start looking might be helpful.

I know I’m vague, but it’s hard not to be or I would give it away to easily.

arrival by our typophile fellow keith tam.

hahah… there you see I gave it away too easily :-D
Congrats Eduardo! You are next!

it was a nice challenge, peter.
btw, the giveaway was the “e”.
anyway, this is our next challenge:


ooh, ooh, i know, um… 8!

Man, I knew that looked familiar!

this might be stupid, but is it the 8 from times new roman?

i mean tnr bold

ITC New Baskerville Bold?

Isaac, that’s absolutely brilliant!

Yep, it’s TNR.

Tarzana or FF Quadraat Sans? looklike similar, but the round part of t don’t fit.

woohoo! alright eduardo, confirm my brilliance, i mean correctness.
if i am indeed correct, i’ll try to make it better than my general
discussion pop quiz travesty. although there was some
brilliance in whoever figured that one out. right cheshire? ;)

what are you guys talking about?
what’s so brilliant? :-)

yes, isaac, it is tnr bold “8”, indeed.

i know you guys will get this one.
any degradation you se is because
i scanned this from a letraset sheet.
i don’t have the digital font.


hmm. think ‘70’s, sans serif…


getting easier…


Avant Garde


KA ligature

yahoo. post away cph.


All right. Here goes:


JFP wrote: “Tarzana or FF Quadraat Sans?”

No, sorry.

It’s hard to give more hints without exposing the designer/typeface.

But one hint is that this new font might be just as popular as JFP’s Parisiene.

Parisine, Peter. ;)

Can we have a location hint?

oki…I’ll repeat a previous hint about the designer:
“look towards the north & to the east”

Adobe Postino?

no :-)
the typeface is not by any established foundry

Yet another image:

Shoot — I thought it was going to be something from the Type Quarry, but I guess not.