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this is a new brew, wanted to throw before an audience. i feel that some of the characters, while adding texture, might yet lack the cohesive bond to the rest:

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For the most part, your character weights seem relatively consistant. However, some of them aren't. The 't' and 'i' for instance. They seem too light. The bowl (loop) of the 'g' seems too small and too light. If the consistancy were more irregular, almost as if you were righting on a cheap 24# text weight with a ballpoint that is running out of ink. Or fix those characters that seem out of place. I agree with Jared's comments as well. Oh, the 'b' seems too light also, and the cross-stroke on the 't'.

Hi John!

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It definitely feels quirky, and the jumpy rhythm makes for an interesting face. Its irregularities make it appear handwritten - it's not immediately apparent this is a font, which is a good quality.

After scanning it a few times, three letters jump out at me: "a" ,"R". and "g". The "a" feels too tall, the "R" feels out of case, and the bowl of the "g" is much too small. See "wavelength"

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