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G-Star Raw logo


the font used in the logo.
it looks familiar (especially the w in raw)
but cannot put my finger to it.

thanks :)


I think I know, let me browse my fontcollection.

automation at www.shyfonts.com comes close but with a different A.

There is a lot of fonts like this out there the latest is (UK) Identikal Foundy’s “Phat” dist.
in US by T26
Identikal Phat.jpg

I was wondering (sorry for getting OT), is there a real market for typefaces like the one above? I mean, do people actually buy the “technoish” fonts? Just wondering…

What do people buy?


Food, Alcohol, and at times Fonts I guess…
But the “market” seems flooded with fonts similiar to the above typeface, not to mention the obscene amount of free “techno” fonts available (most suck quite badly though…)

Try opening up the majority of the freeware fonts in fontographer and you will find less than 75 characters, incomplete designs, variations in stroke, obvious low quality auto tracing used every where, extra useless points, multiple elements that should have been knocked out and were not, lack of good interpolation, inconsistant weights, Obliques were true italics would have been preferred, poor hinting, software kerning at best if any and wonder how these fonts would actually pass pre-press on any commercial job. I have worked in environments where these types of fonts were prohibited for use, because they end up costing loss of revenue as jobs get out-put on film with currupted elements. You generally get what you pay for.

Hmmm… My browser keeps crashing when I try to access


Am I the only one with this problem?


There’s Fountain’s new Mayo: