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Now THAT is a great use of decoration! I really like this. A lot! What was your inspiration? Why was it created? And, did you start with another face as your skeleton? It looks like Industria a bit under the skirt too.

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Maybe I shouldn't, but I like it! :-)
It looks Thai, BTW.


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Or Osborn Wicked Cool, maybe this would only work if you were from Boston though.

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Sweet...thanks for all the suggestions; I already revised the typeface with some of them. Please send more!!

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In response to Tiff:

This typeface was created based on a modular form with minimal elements juxtaposed with varied calligraphic components. I wanted to create an aesthetic that reflected a sordid, but confidently structured attitude. The second line uses the "snap-on" dots I'm working on; depending on the form of the word it may be desirable to have dots on a character. Also, I may employ snap-on ascenders/descenders that face the opposite direction. Any suggestions?

P.S. I'll try to check out Industria.

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Sarah, this is wonderful.

The snap-ons are great. My attention is drawn
to (of all things) the Zed. I think it might look
too much like the S. Also, the k might be
mistaken for an h - especially at small sizes.

But I really like it.

-sean michael

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This reminds me of the work of Rodney... Matthews? I forget his name, but he used to do Michael Moorcock covers and very innovative lettering back in the '70s.

Definitely fantastic stuff.... can we see some text laid out?

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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the Margo allusion. I'm still tweeking spacing issues, then I will post some samples.

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About the tyoeface: Jesticulate

This is an interesting typeface however the ascenders on the lowercase b and d should as tall as the lowercase letters of f, h, k, l and t.

How would a matching set of capitals work with both versions of this typeface?

Do you know when this typeface will be available at

Yours truly,

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I love it

but the name sounds kind'a gross. I think I understand the Jest part but what about Jesterness or Jestishness like foolishness or something else. "iculate" is icky.

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Girl, that's a real word.

BTW, I actually think variations in ascender (and descender) length hold promise, and not just for display either.


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well dangit

Really, I did look in my thesaurus to see what that there word meant and dere was nottin...even still that word sounds like bad news - but don't you mind me.

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Hey, wait a second: the Real Word is spelled with a "g". So this name is a jest on the word. ;-)


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You may want to change the plan of your o; there's not a lot distinguishing it from an a. If an unbroken o is out of the question, you could put the barb at the other end, which would be more suggestive of the little loop typically on a script o.

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great letterforms, the first word that came to mind when i saw them was "wicked" and then i started reading and saw i wasn't the only one who that that reaction, so it seems that wicked works for us here in the southwest as well (maybe it's only utahns who don't git it, *jab*) i second the motion to rename the font incorporating the term into the name. anyhow, i'll let the others point out the problems, but can i requsest an updated version of any changes you've made?

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It also has a bit of Persian script feeling. And 'Gesticulate' was the title of a song in the '50's Broadway show, 'Kismet'.

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Ciao everyone, thanks for all the comments; apparently I've been dorment in my visits back here for awhile!

Hrant ... glad you caught the intended wordplay of jest/gesticulate, not just in naming and the act of "jesting" it, but on the gestural and jestful qualities of the forms.

Thanks everyone else for the push toward "wicked" in the naming, but I was trying to and typically steer away from words that promise to emerge as "buzzwords" in everyday speak.

Keep 'em coming! I really appreciate all the input!

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Osborn. That was like the longest wait in response time ever. And it was so long ago you did the face. But it is a great face.


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Good work. There is certainly a place to use this kind of type.

I find the lc o and a is to similar of the zero. I'd work on that.


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Great lowercase. When do we get to see more? =)

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Nice catch on Industria, Tiff. It hits on it in a lot of ways.

I think the ornamentation works really well on most of
the glyphs. The 'f' and 't' could use a more substantial
crossbar. The numbers are beautious. I'd just relook
at the '4' and '7'. Those are difficult shapes.

I think the quotes and commas need more bulk too.

Wicked division sign! In fact I would move to call this
font "Wicked" if there wasn't already one. How about
"Osborn Wicked"?

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Margo* is that you? (^_^)

Sarah, this is great. Can you please post some sample settings!

*Ms. Chase that is.

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