(x) International symbols for toilet {Randy, Stephen}

Is there a freeware font for toilet symbols. I am thinking there may be if international symbols are in the public domain?? Thanks


Make your own! You can do teriffic tongue-in-cheeck stuff with those. (Uh-oh, I hope Hrant is not going to make some tasteless pun on this remark ;) ) I’ve got a magazine somewhere with some brilliant and witty solutions. One of the best was the one they had at MetaDesign. Believe me, it’s a great exercise in symbol-making, because for some people it still is a sensitive subject.

Yeah, I guess so, but at least he’s funny, which
makes him connect with people who otherwise would be
put off by an overly serious approach to politics
(by the likes of Noam Chomsky for example). It
doesn’t help that much preaching to the converted.

Back on topic: I’ll see if I can find that magazine
and post some examples of toilet symbols. The one
from MetaDesign I’ll have to draw from memory.

Arabic typography expert Thomas Milo once suggested over dinner that the only non culturally specific way to differentiate between toilets for men and women would be to use photographs of genitalia.

speaking of international symbols, here’s the symbol for “i’m about to cut your legs off.”
i think it’s even from dingbest.

Thanks to all youse guyz for the info and opinion!!! This is GREAT!!! A perfect blend of Saturday Night Live and The Man Show!!

That’s us: type identification with a plus! We
select our collaborators on grooviness, whackiness,
silliness… oh yeah, and they need to know
something about type too. =D

BTW John it’s funny you bring this Thomas Milo up
because the toilet sign at MetaDesign looked
approximatively like this:


BTW Gooooooodmorning America. Hearing the news that Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men is/was at the top of the bestseller list somehow restored my faith in the American people (NOT in the US Government which is purely evil incarnate, don’t misunderstand me). Just do me a favor: read the book and kick this friggin’ nutcase warmonger plus his shady friends out of the White House at the next elections! Pretty please? The world is watching and doesn’t like it one bit, I tell ya.

This isn’t a font but it should work out. Good old AIGA.


Oh, you crazy Yves. Using the ID Board for your political
soapbox. BTW, I’m with you on Dubya.

AIGA offers free symbols.
FontShop offers free FF Dingbest.

Randy! You beat me to the symbol punch!

Borrowed hrant’s toilet cam.


Hey Stephen, I might sometimes burst out in
totally gratuituous political commentaries, BUT
I’d like to stress that I never ever attack anyone
on the board personally (unlike others who… — 
whoops, almost got me there) and that it’s always
in good humour.

Randy, you lucky

it’s always in good humour

Yvezzie —  I agree. As are mine.