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Archive through April 15, 2003

tough one. say, shouldn’t you be asleep?


This looks like a detail from the alt H in Josh Darden’s & Timothy Glaser’s Profundis.

— K.

Italian Old Style from Goudy too.

its Truesdell Italic, or a cut of another Goudy done by Sumner Stone?

I can’t find my small specimen, can find too on the web

Hmm. So which one do you guess? ;^)


Correct! Your turn!


Thanks Tiffany, here it is my attempt:

Good luck

Economista Italic by Gabriel Mart


the specimen is so small i can’t really see

No. Its a more recent typeface, who is available for retail distribution…

This is Fontfont Danubia?

Sabon Next?

Nice job, Kent.

no Danubia,

no Sabon Next!!! too.

First, perhaps you can try to figure which letter it is. Its not the one you imagine.

lowercase italic w?

a, d, u or w

none of them.
But based on one of yours, Heinrich.

A regular glyph you have in any fonts.


Nathan! you are the Winner…

but, just for the glyph, now, you need to find the right typeface.

After the weekend, if nobody find any ideas, I will give some tips.

I want to say it’s Bembo, but that seems a bit off.

Sound difficult.
Its a typeface published recently, designed by a European designer.
Difficult to say more actually, or you will find the answer too easily. Perhaps an image more larger? let me know.

Maxime Italic by


Thanks. (Your monogram was a little bit of a tip-off.)

Here’s one for you all. I hope it’ll be fun.

Type ID Quiz Wednesday morning

Have at it.

— K.


Bravo Tiffany, I pretty sure you right! no?

You got it, Tiffany. Sorry to leave you hanging so long; I got caught up with work — you know.

You’re up.

— K.

A face by any other name is not as sweet.

Good Luck. I won’t be able to help with more image hints until tomorrow.


Deepdene? but is not.
ITC Berkeley
California Oldstyle

So close. And yet … not.