Logo for Oxford University Press

i did a search to make sure that this wasnt a repeat..
and nothing came of it.


anyone know what typeface this is :
Oxford University Press Logo

im assuming that its a custom job,
but im also assuming that it was based off something.

thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.


I’ve always assumed before (without examining it very closely) that it was derived from ITC Galliard — something about the bowl of the D and the overall proportions just emanate Galliard. Your image is too small and fuzzy, and the only copy of the logo I have at hand is on a smudgy photocopy, so I can’t be certain.

If it was built from Galliard, then there have been some significant alterations — beyond just the obvious truncations. The middle bar of the F was shortened and the top serif changed to angle out. And the tell-tale join of the Galliard R was abandoned in order to make the leg connect more like that of the K. But the O and the D are dead ringers for Galliard.

Unless you’re trying to reproduce the logo exactly, take a look at the Galliard caps and see if they don’t provide the look you’re after.

— K.

I must admit that at first sight the similarities
with ITC Galliard seemed obvious, but as Kent
explains it so well the join in the ‘R’ put me off.
The ‘X’ also appears to be wider, although that’s
difficult to judge with such a small and blurry

I found Oxford University Press amongst the client
list of Perfect Circle Design. I couldn’t make out
if they designed the logo too, but maybe you could
ask them if they have more information?