(x) Sunset Marquis Hotel - Avenir {Yves}

Greetings! My first post… so be gentle.

I’m looking for the font used on the splash page of the Sunset Marquis Hotel (http://www.sunsetmarquishotel.com/), specifically the text “Unique. Even by Hollywood standards.”, in the black main content area.


Avenir by Adrian Frutiger it is. Lovely.

Silus, you make my day, no my week, no my month,
whattheheck my year! I was getting really worried,
yaknow. ;) Thanx for reassuring us. Stick around, I
hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

Joshua, good chap! Spread the gospel!

Hmmm… 3 minutes. Not too shabby. ;)

Welcome to the board, Silus. Does our reputation stink that badly?

I’ve come from Typographi.ca, and, well, the board there can get a little “lively” at times, and it’s just a smallish outfit… so I was just being careful.

: )

Avenir, lovely indeed.


On a side note, what’s your take on Adobe’s OpenType version of Avenir?

Didn’t have the chance to try it out yet,
unfortunately, and I’m not planning to purchase a
license in the near future. The version we have a
license for at work is the regular PostScript, and I
doubt we will upgrade.

We get lively too, but it seldom turns nasty. Just
don’t ask us if you can steal all our fonts, and
also don’t forget to ask nicely. =D

Will do… and again, thanks.

Aww, I’d hate to think people are scared to post at my place.
Maybe I should give the meanies a talkin’ to.

I don’t get it. When’s the last time anyone of us
turned nasty on the type ID board, really? Except
after being turned into koeiekat food or cannon
fodder that is, but they brought it onto themselves.

Boy, what did we do to deserve this bad rep? :-(

BTW Stewf, just for laughs, who exactly are those
meanies you were thinking of? C’mon, tell us! =D

BTW Stewf, just for laughs, who exactly are those
meanies you were thinking of? C’mon, tell us! =D

Hmm, maybe Silus could better answer that question.

Okay, gentlemen, me thinks thou dost protest too much!


I mean, I came to the boards hat-in-hand because of some experiences on _other_ boards that weren’t all that positive… not because of anything I’d heard about you-all.

In fact, Joshua Lurie-Terrell over at Typographi.ca recommended your forum without hesitation.

So, um, don’t sweat it!