Lineare Sans Thin - From Argentina

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Lineare Sans Thin - From Argentina

This job is part of five weights, and too is complement of Lineare Serfi

linearethin.pdf (22.3 k)

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This isn’t as interesting as the serif one, but I think it does have a novel variety in the forms (like in the “bdpq” bowls, the “s”, etc.) which makes it worthwhile. Not to mention that nice gentle stroke modulation — which you might actually apply more, like in the top of the “a”.

Super-thin weights are very hard to make even, and you can see problems, like when you compare the “W” and the “X”.

Your descenders are long, but in a design like this it might be OK.

I think the head of the “g” is slightly large. The Tilde is too dark. The “y” is great.

The only glyphs I have serious problems with are the “G”, the “Q” and the “R”. But I only have an idea for the last one: try making it open (no middle join to the stem). And I might just leave the “Q” like that, since it’s such a flamboyant letter anyway. The “G” just needs tweaking. BTW, the “Z” looks like it’s leaning to the right.

I like the numerals, especially: that they’re short; how sexy that “2” is. The “4” (especially) and the “6” and “9” are a bit wide. The “8” is great.

Other stuff:
- That ampersand is great. So is the Pound Sign. And the Section.
- I think I’d make the bars of the Yen longer.
- The Pilcrow is superb.
- The Asterisk is too dark — although you might still leave it a bit darker than the rest, since it’s supposed to get attention.
- At Sign: I’d use a monocular “a”. Better for legibility.
- ae: I’d unify the mid stroke.
- OE: the “O” is too weak.
- fi/fl: very nice.
- Eszet: very nice. Maybe no descender.
- ch: the “c” is a bit strong.
- Agute/Grave accents: I’d place them a little bit more centrally.
- Some of the other stuff is too dark.

Trapping: everybody knows I love the stuff, but in such a light design (which will almost always be used pretty large) those traps are too big. But in the heavier weights you want even more!

Spacing: I think your overall tightness is very good.


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great stuff

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Eduardo, me gusta mucho tu fuente!