(x) c

I’ve gone to myfonts, but no joy.
I have a feeling the lowercase t has been tweaked, and everything else is a bit dutch looking to my eyes.

any takers?newspaper scan


luc de groot’s the sans with altered t.

It’s for an Irish literary festival, so I’m assuming it’s (the lobbed ‘t’) a stylistic reference towards the half uncial.

Looks like Frutiger, but with the top of the ‘t’s cut off and oldstyle figures?

the f was “customized” (euphemism here) too.

Aah, yes, Eduardo’s got it!

check www.lucasfonts.com
and I think he is Dutch, yes.

thanks all.
I knew I smelled something dutch.

Now there’s customizing and there’s maiming. Why
would anyone want to do that to an innocent and
defenseless font? :-(

Ain’t no fooling Eduardo, though: he saw straight
through that cunning disguise! :-)

I kinda like that “t”. But what they did with the “f” was too much…
The dotless “i” is quite disturbing too.

Seems like you’re not the only one to like
a beheaded lc ‘t’. ;)