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Font ID: Modula (not from Emigre)

Hey, folks. I’ve been curious about this one typeface family that I’ve been enjoying for the past few years on my Web site, but I’ve never known any foundry (online or otherwise) that currently supplies it.

It’s a great typeface


I found reference to the same font in a 1988 VGC one-liner and the 1989 Linotype handbook. Modula was designed by one F. Heigemeir in 1972 and the copyright is attributed to VGC. There are actually four weights in this family: Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold. I can probably scan in the examples I have if you like.

As for availability, the face probably lies at the bottom of the corporate abyss that is and once was the Visual Graphics Corporation.

By the way, I have an extra copy of A Manual of Comparative Typography as mentioned above — if anyone is interested in it. Make me an offer.

[the book is out of print. however, not -rare (Oct., 1987). the price for that book is $20-$25. no more than that]

David Hamuel

Back the question of font availability. I have seen this font published by NovelFonts under the name “Obbsidda”. It was part of the Expres