Mixing oldstyle and lining numerals

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Mixing oldstyle and lining numerals

I am quickly becoming a fan of the expanded character sets of OpenType fonts, esp. the built-in support in most for oldstyle numerals.

I’m doing up print collateral (with mailing addresses, of course) using oldstyle numerals. Zip+4 codes look great with them; however, because a Street Address line usually starts with numbers, having the line start with characters (34) that hang below the baseline looks uneven.

Is it acceptable to mix the two styles within a text block. I’d love to be able to use lining numerals in the Street Address line and oldstyle characters in the City-State-Zip line, but I want to make sure I’m not committing a typographic faux pas.

Also, any great style guide books out there there that discuss typographic minutiae such as the above?

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I think this is a scenario for knowing the rules
and breaking them intelligently.

For reference, Robert Bringhurst’s _Elements_
_of_Typographic_Style_ is your best bet.

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Certain set-in-their-ways typographers might call that a no-no, but as far the *reader* is concerned I’d say you have nothing to worry about.


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