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This is a fun, quirky font. It works quite well now, however I don't believe that it is as strong as it could be. I would really like to recieve some feedback on Eggman, my first font.


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OWO is a nice suggestion, bj.

Tim might also gain from a look at these fonts
(all based on Saul Bassian lettering):

Hitchcock, by Matt Terich...
(launch site and click on "Saul Food" and
take a gander at Bass's actual work too)

Notquite, by Adam Roe...


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Tim - Welcome to the forum. This is indeed fun and quirky and could have a lot of specialty uses.

Some things that I think you can do right off the bat to make it work better...

Try to bring the widths and weights closer together. When you test this with sample words and phrases, you might get a uneveness that you weren't intending.

For example, the bowl on lc 'q', the thin lc 'l', the thick uc 'F', when brought together might jar a bit. But maybe that's your intention.

As far as weights, the lc 'm' and lc 'h' seem exaggeratedly thin, the lc 'e' and 'u' seem a little fat.

My favorite letter is the lc 'g'. My least favorite are the lc 'u' and the uc 'U' -- I would look at the triangle shape that develops.

The best designers at nailing these kind of fonts: One Way Out. I don't have the link, but if you go to, I think you can find a link there. They used to distribute through t26 and now they sell mostly to religious organizations.

One Way Out fonts are quirky, but magically delicious.

good luck


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