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Sans serif square-ish font - Digital sans {Svenni (self)}

I just started working on a font, i’m evolving it from a logo i did a year ago or so.

I did the type in the logo because i was thinking of a few typefaces, and I didn’t own any of them, so i desided to make a shot at it.


What typefaces does the sample remind you of?



None! And its sweet too!


I’m not sure what this font is called, but I think it’s designed by Sveinbjörn Pálsson.


Actually, i found the font i was thinking about… Elsner + Flake’s EF Digital Sans… Digital Sans
I’m the fonts are too similar for comfort for me, so i’m gonna work a bit more on the concept of the font before i start any serious work on it…

Your font is completely different :)
Just do it!
Digital Sans is no bad font either ;)


Your font is not nearly similar enough to Digital-Sans for you to worry too much.

When you like, put something up in the Critique forum, and we’ll do it!


Where did you grab that gif of Digital Sans, svenni?


i used google and looked for “ef digital sans”… where i found it, i can’t remember.