Greek styled font

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I am looking for a font, that just looks like
greek style font "symbol", that probably everybody have on win- or mac system.
The thing is, that you have greek style font,
but you have european letters in this font.
I probably seen this font, but can`t remember
me. :o(
Please help me with identification. Thanks.


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Hello Wadim try to see Adobe Lithos by Carol Twombly which is a monoline sans serif based on fifth-century B.C Greek inscriptions.


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Are you looking for a faux greek type like P22's Acropolis?


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Thank you Santos und Stephen for fast hepl.
It`s a pitty these fonts aren`t the true I am looking for. I have here the link of "symbol".
It must be same font, but european letters:


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MAYBE THIS STYLE? from The Fontry, an old-school foundry that used to send fonts out on floppy disk.

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I may be wrong, but it looks like Times Roman would be a good Latin/European companion font to these Greeks.

Is that what you are asking?


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