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Double Drat!

An uncomplete set of letters that I created. The inspiration is turn-of-the-century (mostly from France) posters, specifically those of Charles Loupot. Realizing the recent release of Mostra, I wanted to at least get these noticed and seen. They were created several months ago and owe nothing to Mostra, but everything to Loupot. (That is not to say that I do not appreciate Mostra.) One thing I do like about these letters is their imperfection. Feeling more hand-drawn as opposed to done on the computer using a grid and strict guidelines.


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Although not my cup of thé, I can see how single letters from this font could really enrich a setting. And your flat-top "U" is vraiment incroyable.


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Tiffany, this is great. Very fun. You should send
Louise Fili a sample.

Regarding the imperfections, I'm a sucker of
Rodchenko's stuff for the same reason.

Good luck with it.

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