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The inspiration behind this one is the Volkswagen Radio station. Strictly done as an exercise for myself. They had the word radio created and I went from there. I like the idea of a single stroke typeface that only changes in weight. The problem with this, of course, is that by the time I created my ultra-mega fat (not shown) the counters were gone.


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that "e" blow my mind. i like it.

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i mean blows my mind. i still like it.

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Bauhaus meets Trance - very nice.
That "e" is indeed amazing, not least because I think it actually works! The "k" is also cool. Some other forms need work (like the leftward-leaning "z", the simply-too-strange "r", the too-narrow "x"), but I'd love to see some lines in this thing. Extra-large, on white bread, please!

BTW, I prefer the second "f".


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Wha!? The 'r' exemplifies what is best about this
design - ultrasimplicity while retaining meaning.
The 'a' is the best glyph, tho. I wonder if its
shape could be better implemented throughout
the alphabet.

I like the idea on the 'w' and 'm' but the extra
space between the curved and straight lines
distracts me.

Nice work, Tiffany!


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very nice !!!!!!!!!
reminds me of pico i think its the a.
but i confess i love it


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I like this very much.

I especially like the creativity behind decisions such as the "e" and the first "r" (or is that "R"?). The figures are especially fun, notably that rising "0" (zero).

The "x" does seem narrow, but I'll reserve judgement until I can see it in context of a setting.


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thanks for your comments. it's the other work shown on this BRILLIANT SITE that inspires me to try more!

Here are a few more characters. I love a face that has alternate abilities! :-)


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That "g" takes narcissism to a new level - I love it.


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No offense taken!
Although I *am* still pissed that you guys didn't like the one in Patria... ;-)


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Tiffany wrote:
I like the idea of a single stroke typeface that only changes in weight.

Here's one from LineTo:

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Hahaha, so thats what your G-fetishism is all about Hrant? ;P


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No offence Hrant! :)
Its a nice 'g'.


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