(x) Travis' The Invisible Band - ITC Avant Garde Gothic Alternates {Stephen}

Is this the same one Spin magazine used to use for display? Used on CD covers and promotional materials for The Man Who and The Invisible Band.
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Will — This is Avant Garde with alternates.


thanks for the quick reply, Scoles. I thought that was it, but I can’t find the alternates used in this example or the “AV” variation used in the example or a “TH” variation I’ve seen on posters. Suggestions, anyone?

Though it’s listed in their FontBook, I can’t
find the alternates and ligatures at fontshop.com.
What I did find from Google was Scangraphic’s page.

I’d also give FontShop a call and see if they
are still selling it. Would be interested to hear
what you find out. Thanks.