Can you identify this typeface in the Victorinox logo?

Victorinox Logo


Looks like some sort of Baskerville Bold. Don’t have time to give it a search right now…

Shouldn’t a Baskerville have a bottom serif on the ‘C’
and vertical stress on the top serif?

Oops. You’re obviously right. But in defense of my ignorance, I found one Baskerville lacking the bottom serif. ;-) And without vertical stress on the top. Still not the right face though.

I was just thinking out loud, Nathan. I haven’t got
time to go ID-hunting for the moment, so I just
added my little observation. On hindsight I feel
quite cheap commenting on your efforts when I’m
doing nothing myself… :/

No problem at all — I’m supposed to be teaching right now anyway, but instead I’m Typophil-ing. It was sloppy observation on my part anyhow :-) So class is over and I still haven’t found an ID…sorry Jonathan.

Tough cookie: Rookledge’s was no help at all. I fear
I’ll need to delve into an extensive FontBook search
in order to ID that one.

It reminds me a bit of FF Celeste in atmosphere if
not as an accurate match.

Identifont couldn’t identify it neither… :/