(x) Mystical realist - Ocean Sans {Heinrich}

OK, y’all, now yo have to help me with this one!

image/tiffMystical realist type
mysticalrealist.tif (63.9 k)


Here’s Melanie’s image, reduced, reversed, and cleaned up a little:


Melanie, for the future, the best format for images is either JPG (make sure it’s 72dpi RGB) or GIF, and a size of probably no more than 500 pixels wide is ideal.

Thanks so much! And thank you for taking the time to clean up my submission. I’ve made a note of it and in the meantime . I’m a person who’s meant to know fonts (book designer) and always end up getting things I can’t quite recognize from publishers who don’t know quite what they’ve sent.So you’ve made my day easier once gain, and I bow to you.