Slightly Rounded lineal title font

Garage gothic bold
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I'm searching for the name of the typeface used for the titles of the book "LICHTENSTEIN POSTERS".

It's a sans serif, maybe bold, caps, slightly rounded. The A, the R and the G are very typicals.
I've found a font named "Hector rounded bold" wich is realy similar but a little bit too rounded.

Could you help me ?
Thank's a lot.


Pretty convinced it's Garage Gothic FB...

"The A, the R and the G are very typicals."
It would have been helpful if you had included an image. My idea of a typical R-- straight leg -- & G might differ from yours.
I found an R from the book title, vertical leg with a kick at the base of the leg.

And possibly a G, seems to be part of the same font but I can't be certain.
Anyway size is small and details are obscure.

If the labels inside the book are the same as the title, i.e. with an R with a kick at the base of the leg, then I think it would be something something other than Garage Gothic.
Also, it would be helpful if we could see a larger scale image of G and if Q appears in the book, that as well.

Garage gothic it is !

Thank's a lot !