Vanessa font?



Not certain if you want a particular font or all of them
The words LUNCH BOX are in a typeface designed by Dean Morris for Letraset as Quicksilver. See his story at
Several digital versions.
Tight by Ray Larabie [worn look]
Neon Lights by Allen R. Walden [clean design]
Quicksilver by A. Carr [clean design]
Neon Lights is distributed by Dafont, which usually does a passable job in checking for pirate versions. But it is the same, point for point, as A. Carr's Quicksilver, which may have been created earlier. I don't know which is the legitimate one. Also, there is the possibility there was another digitization used to make them.

Word VANESSA'S seems to be a condensed version of a design by Louis Oppenheim in 1927 called Fanfare.
Digital by The Font Company
Also Fanfare BQ, and URW Fanfare.
Canada Type has a version with the name Louis
Other fonts with some similarities are Bremen
and PAG Etiketa