Looking for this font


Trying to track down this font. Have spent hours looking with no luck as I don't know the name, style or what to search for.

Sorry for the poor quality, that's actually the reason I'm trying to track it down is to make a high quality version of the image.


I have more examples of the different letters if that's helpful, but they are very low quality and very small, so not sure how useful they would be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




It is Neuropol (Oblique) from Typodermic (also on Dafont)

That is Ray Larabie's original free font Neuropol. It's been manually stretched and slanted - which results in all sorts of awkwardness in the curves and stem endings.

Much better would be the updated Neuropol X Italic or Bold Italic.

Incidentally, the regular weight of Neuropol X is still free (click the purchase options link).

wow, thanks guys!! That was quick.

Very much appreciate you help!