More Than 100 Fonts from The Foundry by David Quay & Freda Sack Available via Monotype

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Monotype is now the exclusive provider of more than 100 typefaces from The Foundry, a U.K.-based typeface design studio owned and operated by typeface designers, David Quay and Freda Sack. The Foundry is known for premium-quality typefaces, with designs that have been sought and used by ad agencies, businesses and design professionals across the globe.

The Foundry collection features a range of serif, sans serif and display typefaces. Examples of typefaces in the collection include the Foundry Sans™ family, inspired by the humanistic aspects of the Stempel Garamond™ serif typeface, and the Foundry Gridnik™ design, created in conjunction with renowned Dutch graphic designer, Wim Crouwel, based on his 1960s sketches for typewriter use.

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