KC Masterpiece ID



Please excuse the repost, not sure where the original post went. Looking for an ID on both the 'KC' and the 'Masterpiece'. Thanks mucho in advanced.


I can't find an exact match but both "KC" and "Masterpiece" could be a further emboldened/compressed/modified http://Candida (Bold) by Jakob Erbar [1930]

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U.S. federal trademark registration for this design was filed on September 20, 2011
I believe this is lettering/artwork and not based on a single font.
In some ways the letters are similar to a sans with Clarendon style serifs added to the base and top of the vertical strokes. Check for example the letter-forms and terminals for C, c and e in Euro Sans Cond Bold http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/profonts/euro-sans-pro/ There are also similar features with some serif fonts, such as the lobe on r Jakob Erbar's Candida, as suggested by Fivos. Also, Walbaum or Sirba http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/type-together/sirba/ for the top terminal on the s. The diamond dot on the i is a feature of some Fraktur designs.