Medium/Bold San Serif (Part of a logo so may have been altered slightly)

NatWest Text (Bold) by DaltonMaag
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Fivos Vilanakis

Can anyone help me with identifying this typeface pleaseeee?

I have recently started a new job and I am trying to develop their Corporate Guidelines, however, no one seems to know what typeface is used in their logo!

It may be based on an existing typeface and has been edited for the logotype but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



A similar typeface would just as helpful if anyone knows?!


It's a font called NatWest Text (Bold) by DaltonMaag
The copyright says: (c) 1993, National Westminster; supervised by Wolff Olins; designed by D. Quay and F. Sack; co-designed and digitised by DaltonMaag

Now Fivos has found the match may be starting with Dalton Maag commercial releases is worth a shot.
You could also have a look to Type Together, they have some interesting alternatives: Bree, Ronnia and Etica

Ah thankyou so much, been trying to find the name of this for a while now.

So does that copyright mean it should not be in use?

Ryuk – brilliant references, I will have a good look through, thankyou.

As this 'NatWest' is all over their actual website, we could be not so hazardous to conclude this typeface still remains exclusive for National Westminster Bank and can't be purchased or used for any other purpose than NWB's.

Yeah this is my concern.

Could I assume that all the websites offering Natwest Text as a 'free font' are doing so unlawfully? Or that it should be used for noncommerical use only?

Thanks again for your help.

Could I assume that all the websites offering Natwest Text as a 'free font' are doing so unlawfully?

NatWest is definitely not a free font so any source offering it as a 'free font' does it illegally.

Or that it should be used for non commercial use only?

I'm not a law expert but to me, it's crystal clear. Part for/by National Westminster Bank, it can't be used and that includes all non-commercial/personal purposes.

Point taken!

I am on the hunt for an alternative then =]

I don't completely get the point why it have to be this font but you could use WhatFontiS to get alternatives to NatWest and if you tick the "Display only free fonts or free alternative fonts", it should give you "only free alternatives". But be careful with this online identification tool as it (sometimes) suggest illegal copies. My advice would be to run it, collect the ones you like and drop their names here and wait for an answer on their legitimacy.

It doesn't necessarily have to be this font, only I have come a across a client who's previous rebrand has clearly used the Natwest font in their logo!! And part of me 'refreshing' the brand was NOT to change the logo. However I am now going to have to approach them and say 'Hey, not sure if you were aware but your logo is basically illegal' – hence why I would like to have a few suggestions to resolve the issue.

I'm liking the look of Bree by TypeTogether, comes in a semi serif version also which adds some nice variety =]

Wow... That's a real issue this one... The dirty part of your job looks like to also clean up the mess... For the rest, I really think Type Together's are definitely an option that could work in this case. Actually, I'm clearly not a great fan of this NatWest and I'm pretty convinced you should achieve some better job with Bree (or Etica). But I know Client is King. Good luck!

Yeah I think I have opened up a bag of worms (or whatever the saying is!). But hopefully they will appreciate my thorough approach as opposed to thinking I am a jobs-worth!

My plan was to not use Natwest Text as part of the refresh anyway, I was going to leave that as the logotype and find something with more weights and flexibility for the corporate typeface. As part of my research however I wanted to find out what was used in the logo and thats what has brought this all up!

Anyway I am now in contact from someone at Dalton Maag aswell as the RBS group so I will get to the bottom of it :)