Vintage/Retro Script


Found this on a website touting great usage of vintage typography and liked it. Searching google image only brings me to Simon Walker's flickr account. I've emailed him to no avail.


Most probably a custom lettering as almost everything coming from Simon Walker aka Super Furry.

Definitely not a font. Simon Walker's lettering. Looks like stiff old Times Roman poured into a vortex to end up as a charming toilet paper lettering. To duplicate it, apply the buttery vertical strokes found in fonts like FF Tartine Script or Aspic to the letters of your choice add ball terminals, do swooshing and you are there.

Thanks! I'll see if I can find someone who's able to to the swooshing and such.

If not, I may go with one of the fonts you linked to. They're close...oh so close.

You're welcome. For what it is worth, fonts with these fat syrupy softened strokes are popular for dairy, yoghurt, toilet paper and other packaged products where a smooth friendly brand is sought. Any of these names are used for the font category.

Perhaps you could use Don's pointers starting with Flamenco?

Hi Mike, I agree Flamenco looks like a good choice.

That's another good option.

Still, my heart is tied to that S in Super. I can't seem to quit it, no matter how hard I try.

Now I gotta try to learn how to warp fonts. Oy!

I find the best way create type like this is grab a pencil and sketch it out. Scan it in and work over it. Then the type will work exactly as you want it to.

Some more I like for this one: Giddelham, Caridade, Tomate, Sugar Pie, Kari Display, Crema, Appetite, Zalea, Club Type, Milkman (actually very close, the less work to customize), Comalle