looking for the old NYC MTA roll up sign font and was also used for the subway lines pre Helvetica.


Couple of searches have said it was also called business commercial but I haven't found that font yet either

thanks for any help!


If I clearly remember (already tried to identify it), this is no type. All these signages for the NYC subway were hand-drawn/hand-painted.
A list of font that could be used to reproduce these letterings (mixing them sometimes to recreate original inconsistency): Driver Gothic, Agency, Aldrich, Solano Gothic, Refrigerator Deluxe, Strassenbahn, Raleigh Gothic, Korolev, Tempus Gothic, Nomad, Cougher, DIN Engschrift, Van Condensed, SNV, Cst Berlin and West, Saa, Sign Kit, Inventory, Signal, Highway, Route 66, Outer Loop
Jeff Levine has some interesting digitizations of signage fonts.
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