"The Etude Music Magazine" 1910


I am trying to identify the font that was used by "The Etude Music Magazine" in their "Educational Cartoon" series. It ran from April-December 1910 (but not September and October).

In the attached, I am only interested in identifying the font/s that are located above the horizontal line.

Many thanks in advance!


Don't know if THE ETUDE EDUCATIONAL CARTOONS has been digitized. It has some similarities to Cheltenham, a font that was popular in the era. Compare with ITC Cheltenham Std Book http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/itc/cheltenham/
The most noticeable difference is the bottom terminal on C.

Thank you very much, Don! I plan to make the illustrations in "The Etude" the focus of my dissertation, and this is a big step.

Thanks again!

THE ETUDE is probably not digitized. There is a thick and thin font from the era, Globe Gothic, that approximates the letter-forms. The closest digital version is LTC Globe Gothic Bold http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/lanston/ltc-globe-gothic/
Unlike other digital versions of Globe Gothic, the LTC font already has some of the mini serifs shown in the image. With some editing it could serve as a fairly good substitute.

Body text above the line starting at "How often have you..." seems to be in a font then known as Scotch Roman. A good digital version in Nick Shinn's Scotch Modern http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/shinn/scotch-modern/.

You're welcome Keith. The illustrations are fascinating as a style of humor long gone from our media -- sort of a dour and world weary view of life combined with a willingness by the reader to accept long rambling commentary; no ten word factoids here! I trust you will have a lot to say about them.