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InDesign cs6 footnotes


I'am currently working a publication where some of the texts have extensive footnotes, I have the footnotes set up to have a 4mm gap between main text & footnote. However it appears as if the space is increasing in some situations, for instance, if i set the space to 1mm everything is fine but as soon I increase it 2mm the 4th footnotes goes to the next along with the reference text but for some reason the page containing footnotes 1-3 the space increases to about 10mm, can anyone shed some light on how to fix this?



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The 4th footnote reference was placed as the first one of the next page? If so, probably you got more space between text and footnotes on previous page simply because there is no text to add there (as the remaining lines were transferred to the next page).

These transfer-to-next-page are common when notes are extensive. ID needs to show references and notes in the same page. When you increased the space, it couldn't show both reference and note to the 4th one, so the transfer was mandatory. This causes different lenghts of main text areas, which can be avoided if you choose the vertically justified text box option.

Also check if you did let ID break footnote texts through pages. Large footnotes produce ugly results without this option turned on.