Nameplate script from pre-WWII Packard automobiles


Hello - can anyone identify the name of the typeface used on the nameplates of certain Packard automobiles made in the very late 1930's and early 1940's? A few samples are attached. Would also appreciate hearing about any similar typefaces. I did search the Typophile forums prior to posting, and hope I didn't miss anything. Much thanks for any guidance. Kevin


Enchanting, futuristic and stylish Art Deco script lettering that would make a very appealing font. I doubt that it was a font at the time, although someone might have subsequently made a font based on the letters.
I can give you some leads to similar type faces, which I offer in no particular order.
1. Free Fonts
Eduardo Tunni: Warnes
Nick Curtis: Uppen Arms NF, Dymaxian Script
Tup Wanders: Remarcle
Shy Foundry: SF Americana Dreams
Font Mesa: Ferro Rosso
2. Pay fonts:
Magneto, Streamline, Neon Stream, Rocket, Raceway, Cottingley, Air conditioner, Continental Railway, Emblem Chief, Permanent Waves Expanded, Permanent Waves
Hooptie Script, Cabriolet, Cabriolet V8, Frigidaire, Belair, Permanent Waves Emblem Chief

Adding my little contribution to this priceless list of connected script by Don (Thanks!): a list of "Connected Chrome Scripts" at Fontshop, some tags at MF "here and here

While I'm still checking with Packard aficionados - with no result just yet - I'd like to thank donshottype and Ryuk for your useful and erudite comments!


Thank you Kevin, I'm happy to learn that I'm now erudite. Happy to join that refined group!:)